Is the book suitable as a textbook in a business school course? At what level? undergrad, MBA, and/or executive education?

The book is suitable for audiences with some industry experience, because it portrays analytics within the business context. Hence, especially MBA and executive education courses, and especially as a first or last course in a BA concentration or program, since the book gives an overview of business analytics in an integrative fashion

How does the book compare to other textbooks on data mining used in business schools?

"Getting Started with Business Analytics" is less technical and does not focus on data mining, but rather on how different types of analytics, of which data mining is one component, fit into the business context.

How do I order an evaluation copy?

Instructors can order an evaluation copy by contacting Ms. Randi Cohen at randi.cohen@taylorandfrancis.com.

How can I use a certain chapter rather than the entire book for a course?

You can create a custom book project with just the specified chapters using the CRC custom book program.

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